I wish I had words that would make everyone feel better emotionally in health right now.

Truth be told, I’ve not stopped working. Day in, day out, I roll out of bed and have to read the news because it’s part of my job. I thought I was doing fine, but I’m starting to feel mentally poisoned within the last 24 hours.

Every day, I try and take my job as seriously as if I was working for a major publication because believe it or not, actual ethical Journalists have an ethos to write the truth. That’s not to say every journalist is like that, but I’d like to think I value the truth more than most.

That being said, and making sure to note that a lot of what I do requires social media, I can tell you first-hand that if you’ve got a strong sense of empathy, or have anxiety or depression:

Turn. Off. Social. Media. Even if it is only for a shorter period of time.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed.
It’s okay to feel hurt.
And in times like this with even our own Governor saying that “tough times don’t last but tough people do,” it’s okay to not be tough. You will still survive as long as you take care of yourself. And that doesn’t just mean physically or eating right.

It means taking breaks. It means avoiding things that even MILDLY trigger you, not just the massive attacks. I’m saying this for those of you who are wired a lot like me: It’s the empathic ones, the ones that care enough to put their lives on the line, or at the very least, have enough self-preservation to continue for a paycheck despite the odds in fields that are essential. Those people that aren’t able to take adequate breaks. The ones that are carrying the load of the people around them. All of these factors can wear you down mentally, which will, in turn, wear you down physically if you don’t give it the time it deserves.

Do not, I repeat, do not give your sanity to things that in the grander scheme are not worth your safety, both physically and mentally. Take care of yourself, and be good to yourself. Because everyone now knows that nobody will save us but ourselves.

P.S. Shoutout to Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, and Elon Musk for hoarding all of their wealth in this time. I’m not shocked, but seriously, fuck you.



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