Recreational marijuana sales in Michigan are expected to kick off after 10 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 1, and the big question that exists is WHERE THE HELL DO I BUY MY MARIJUANA?

It’s been a constant battle in Michigan in terms of trying to get Marijuana to be legal, and even though we are so close to that sweet victory, there’s still a lot that needs to be done in terms of licensing regulations, and more.

According to MLive, “The Michigan Regulatory Agency on Wednesday, Nov. 27, announced it plans to officially transfer product currently licensed under the medical marijuana to the recreational side for sale at that time.” Once that is done, the stores that are approved for Recreational Sales can legally sell to customers without their Medical Marijuana Card.

As you may be aware, sadly, Detroit has elected to not partake currently in the sale of Recreational Marijuana and considering that many of the dispensaries are located in Detroit, that puts Metro Detroiters in a spot of where to shop if we do not have a Medical Marijuana Card.

According to the mapping below, the following locations are “Qualified” for the sale of Recreational Marijuana:

Exclusive Brands
3820 Varsity Dr., Ann Arbor, MI

Greenstone Provisions
338 S. Ashley St., Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan Supply and Provisions
1096 E. Main St., Morenci, MI

MRA Advisory Bulletin states in terms of sales to Recreational Customers, that “Provisioning centers may transfer up to 50% of each product type (marihuana infused product, marihuana concentrate, buds, etc.) that has been in inventory for a minimum of 30 days to their marihuana retailer. All product transferred must have passed test results entered in the statewide monitoring system.”

Now, the question lies in who is Pre-Qualified that will be able to sell in the near future, considering some applied from the Detroit area. Everything that is near the Detroit area is listed under the “Pre-Qualified” status, so chances are we won’t see a closely located shop until January.


Metro Times also put together a good list of what to expect if you are able to get your hands on some Recreational goods:
• In order to buy marijuana, adults will need a valid ID and cash money.
• There will be long lines at the few stores that are open. The adult-use market for marijuana is several times larger than the medical market.
• Prices will be high. When sales started in the state of Washington, a gram of average marijuana was priced at $23. Within a year, it dropped to the $6-$7 range.
• Products you should expect to see include marijuana flowers, pre-rolls, tinctures, creams, and edibles. Due to the vaping lung illness, vape cartridges have been banned by the state and are temporarily unavailable until testing is implemented.


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