If you know ACRONYM, you know how obsessed we are with Vegan Taco Hell at PJ’s Lager House. And after Pizza Butt at Pop+Offworld, basically we’re pledging our allegiance to the girls of Street Beet and will try anything they dish out. 

They have just marked February 17th as McDaddy’s Day, a perfect decompression for Valentine’s Day. 

During our interview with Nina of Street Beet, she alluded to the idea that the team was experimenting with different fast food-based menus, and now, it’s becoming a reality. 

“There has been much debate over whether or not we will try out other fast food chains in the future. We’ll just say that recently we made a fried tofu sandwich with tartar sauce and it was strikingly reminiscent of a certain fish sandwich at a certain fast food restaurant. The idea is certainly on the table.”

– Nina Paletta of Street Beet, ‘
‘Vegan Taco Hell’ Is Actually Heaven For Plant Based And Lactose Free Patrons’

The menu has not been released as of yet, but we cannot wait to see what they’ve whipped up for us this time! Also note, this event is happening at Nancy’s Whiskey Pub. Save the date, and confirm you’re going on the Facebook Event Page.


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