An influencer just told Insider Magazine that “rich blonde bitches are IMMUNE.” This was after she licked a toilet seat on a plane for a  TikTok challenge. 


The world has gone bat shit crazy, and we know this. But if anything, it’s created a new realm of clout-chasing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Countless TikTok’s, Instagrams, Tweets, and the Meme region of Facebook have all been filled with commentary on the subject, but let’s not forget, one of the first biggest clout chases happened a month+ ago when someone pretended to have Coronavirus on a plane.

The Independent reported this on February 4:

A man onboard a flight falsely claimed he had coronavirus, forcing the plane to turn around.

The WestJet service had been en route to Montego Bay, Jamaica, from Toronto, Canada, when the 29-year-old Canadian national announced he had the deadly virus, which has so far claimed the lives of more than 400 people.

“A male was causing a disturbance on the flight, saying he had been to China and had the coronavirus,” a police spokeswoman told Reuters.

The man was seen taking selfies and announcing that he had the virus, according to other passengers.

Although the pilot believed it to be a hoax, he had no choice but to take the precaution of turning the aircraft around and heading back to Toronto.


He had later shared he was trying to create a viral video. Instead, he ended up with a court date.

There’s a difference between trying to lighten the mood when it comes to Coronavirus, and there’s a completely different avenue that is considered clout chasing. When it comes to the toilet licker, the report says ‘She told Insider she did it because she didn’t want coronavirus getting more attention than her.”

She also said “It’s not like the virus can kill me anyway because I don’t use Facebook.” Who knows what that means. She also added that “hot blondes” can recover from anything so there’s “no harm done.” Talk about privilege.

As of right now, bars are to close around 3 PM in our current location of Detroit, MI as a precursor to St. Patrick’s Day and gatherings of 250+, and it’s been rumored that the Government may issue a mandatory 14-day lockdown, but we do not have confirmation on that at this time, or when the lockdown is to be issued.

Either way, everyone should work a little more diligently to take this issue seriously, and even though it’s in American’s blood to rebel against anyone who tells us something we don’t like to hear, maybe we should listen.

And for fuck’s sake, stop licking toilets.


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