Yeah, I get it. It sucks being “stuck” inside. But guess what? You’re supposedly safe at home, so this might be the perfect opportunity to create, to learn, or work on the projects you want to do that you don’t have time for when things are “normal” outside.

With the exception of health professionals and “essential” employees, a lot of us are at home with not much to do if we can’t work from home. Many of us want to learn instruments, work on a connecting creative trade that is similar to our own to keep ourselves well rounded, and some of us, truthfully, just want to be Instagram famous and get that coveted blue checkmark.

We’ve got people going viral on TikTok, art finally taking some recognition as we’re staying at home, and some of us are even working inwardly on ourselves at this time. The plus side to this: According to Psychologists and Doctors alike, it takes a certain amount of days to form a habit.

One Healthline article states:

“It can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.”

It’s different for everyone, but think about it from this perspective: If you could do anything without having as many distractions as you have daily, what could you accomplish with that time?

I personally believe that everyone needs to think about that a little bit while we’re in this situation with a Coronavirus Quarantine / State Shutdown / Social Distancing. Most of us spend 5 days a week working on someone else’s staff. Putting work in on someone else’s dream. Making money appear in someone else’s pocket and only getting a cut of it. Some people like it that way – and I’m not knocking you if you’re one of those people. But that’s not for everyone.

Now, think about what you could accomplish if you just put your mind to some of the things you want to do OUTSIDE of work. If what you’re doing takes work, learning, practice, etc, you’re going to have time now more than ever if you’re social distancing. And logically speaking, that means you will be ABLE to create a habit of what you’re doing.


It’s empowering to think about. For example, myself and one other person I spend time with have put in a lot of work and effort over the past year trying to further our careers. Even in competing fields, it’s been a great experience to put so much focus on our crafts and watch our careers flourish and expand BECAUSE we are devoting as much time as we can to it.

Now, I know because I’m a Freelancer, have Client-Based projects and perform services for others, I do not focus as much time on all of the projects I DESIRE as I should, but I have the luxury, despite it being hard as hell to keep myself motivated at times, to have the TIME to spend on what I love to do. Many don’t, and many don’t have the know-how to run their own businesses or enterprises. Not a jab to anyone, just stating facts, as I consult with people on their businesses daily.

There are so many online resources, books, and ways we can learn new skills. We can learn new languages and watch tutorials on YouTube. The possibilities are endless if you just shut off Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.

And the upside: You’re guaranteed, now more than ever, for people to see your work when posting it on Social Media. People are mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, and this feed-mentality creates an opportunity for all of us to be seen more than ever, especially with celebrities couped up in their houses / no appearances to distract “the herd.” With less distraction from A-listers, the independents can rise up more than ever, so if you’re looking for that recognition, I will take a page from John Cena‘s book and say YOUR TIME IS NOW.

So please, post your art. Post your wares. Share your new T-Shirt designs or new paintings. Promote your online collaboration with that brand. Play a live set-Google Hangout with your band. Or at the very least, share the posts from those doing and making the changes. We all need a little encouragement.




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