The 2020 Democratic Primary as Told by the Meme

Iowa Caucus Photo by Alex Martinez on Unsplash

The 2016 Presidental Election was referred by some as the Great Meme War, showing the effect Internet culture has had on American politics and our society as a whole. But, instead of going into an in-depth analysis of society and the effects of the internet on the status quo of American politics, we’re going to tell you the story of the 2020 Primary through the lens of the Internet meme.

In no particular order, here are some of the Internets most fabulous meme’s to come out of the sundowning of our democracy.

Bernie Asking for Financial Support


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this meme is immortal

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Harking back to everyone’s childhood with this one, the Presidential hopefuls plea for donations exploded on the Internet. Perfect for Sanders’s financial aid and our entertainment.

Beto O’Rouke Standing on Things

Like a cat with a cardboard box, if he fits, he stands. Beto may have left the race a lifetime ago, but wherever there is a clean table that needs standing on, he will be there.

“Copmalla Harris”

The Senator’s record as a prosecutor was not well-received by keyboard warriors.

The Gravel Teens

We’re unsure if this really counts as a meme, but it’s still great. The 90-something-year-old former senator, Mike Gravel, teamed up with a duo of teens to launch a meme-laden campaign to get the Senator onto the debate stage.

Joe Biden’s Pushup Challenge

Long story short, sundowning Grandpa Joe challenged an older adult who spoke against him at a campaign stop to a pushup contest.

John Delany

Known for his time playing Bill Dauterive on the Fox animated series King of the Hill, not many people took the Oligarch seriously during his brief run for office. He dropped out shortly before Iowa, much to the disdain of his dozens of supporters.

Marianne Williamson’s Entire Campaign

The orbs, what more can we say? 🔮🔮

Whatever Andrew Yang Was Doing in This Clip

So long, Yang Gang. The candidate may have dropped out on February 11th, but his wonky behavior lives on forever.

Honorable Mention: Joe Biden’s Eye Exploding Live On Stage

We’re still not sure what happened here, but we’re sure of one thing. Joe Biden’s campaign can be classified as elderly abuse at this point.





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