Sufjan Stevens The Ascension
Sufjan Stevens The Ascension

Sufjan Stevens Releases Electronic-Heavy Album ‘The Ascension’

Sufjan Stevens is no stranger to Electronic dabbling, but he’s really outdone himself his time, fusing his Indie-Folk delivery with his synth notated beats on his newest album, ‘The Ascension.’

Posed in news releases around the web, this album is based heavily on the continued disintegration of America within the last few years. Speaking with The Guardian, Stevens has a lot to say involving politics, and some hot takes include that Biden “won’t fix the problem.”

Some of the highlights can be found below.


On performing at The Oscars: 

“Honestly, one of the most traumatizing experiences of my entire life… a horrifying Scientology end-of-year prom” and “everything I hate about America and popular culture”.


On Fame: 

“I don’t need to be famous or sell millions of records. There’s never a conversation with myself about how I’m advancing my profile.”


His thoughts on his departure from the sound of ‘Carrie and Lowell’: 

“I wanted to respond to changes in the political climate and changes in human engagement, influenced by the internet and technology.”


On the Election & Systemic Racism: 

[Biden] “won’t solve America’s problems alone”, and that the nation’s ills, from police brutality to institutional racism, first require some uncomfortable conversations. “It’s difficult,” he says. “This is many generations’ worth of questions and answers that have stacked up. But we need to show up and do the work.”


While many of us know Sufjan Stevens as the guy who wrote albums on Michigan and Illinois, and had intended on doing one for all 50 states, he’s since shelved the idea, noting how sad he feels in his unique way, on the album’s lead single (and last album track), “America” – pointedly released on Independence Day – Stevens sings solemnly: “I’m ashamed to admit I no longer believe.”

Consequence of Sound quotes Stevens explaining about the 12-minute track: “protest song against the sickness of American culture in particular.”

They also share “My objective for this album was simple: Interrogate the world around you… Question anything that doesn’t hold water. Exterminate all bullshit. Be part of the solution or get out of the way. Keep it real. Keep it true. Keep it simple. Keep it moving.”


Listen to the full album here:




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