With Alonestar and Tryzdin in tow, this Electronic song fused with Rap and Pop undertones, along with dark visuals will leave you intrigued as to what will happen next with Saint Mars.

Pig Masks, Straight Jackets, and more make an appearance, as well as a “retro” Game Boy Color in the music video for the song “Loveghost,” and somehow, even when you’re questioning what you may be watching, the beats take over and leave you wanting more.

According to the press release, the young boy that you see in the video, Tryzdin, was picked a while back to sing on only one track, and M.D. says  “We were supposed to record one track only but I came back with six! And we haven’t stopped working together since then… To this day, we’ve made more than twelve songs together, among them. “Somewhere Somebody,” the first song specially written for him with a songwriter partner, Britt Warner (from Silverlake in California). The song was written before I actually met him, which is surprising because it totally reflects who he is. One would say it could only have been written by him or someone who really knew him…That is one of the great mysteries of my encounter with Tryzdin.”

As far as the rapper, Alonestar, who is from Bristol, is actually Ed Sheeran‘s cousin, which goes to show that no matter how far apart you may be in blood, you may just catch the music bug after seeing how fun it can be.

Check out the full video for “Loveghost” here:

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