Rep. Jim Banks Pens Complaint on Pot Leaf Mask During MORE Vote

Of course, someone on the GOP side got butthurt over Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) wearing a Pot Leaf Face Mask during the debate on Federal Legalization.

The curmudgeon, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), wrote a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) with his feelings on the subject, as Marijuana Moment shares, “saying the garment amounted to an endorsement of recreational drug use and diminished ‘the seriousness and decorum of the House floor.’”

“Legality aside, it’s unbecoming for a House member to wear clothing that promotes the use of any recreational drugs on the House floor,’ Banks said. “It’s a clear violation of the House’s Code of Conduct which prohibits all behavior that does not, ‘reflect creditably on the House.’”

His diatribe continued that the Speaker “allowed facemasks to be worn on the House floor that wouldn’t be allowed in a High School assembly hall” – referring to Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), who is a longtime legalization advocate.



Of course, Earl wasn’t gonna let that slide completely. Blumenauer said, “We’ve got a blatantly discriminatory drug policy. We’ve got a pandemic, during which Republicans have done nothing to help families and small businesses that are desperate… And they’re worried about a pattern on a mask? Get a grip.”


See Banks’ full letter below: 

Daily Caller Obtained Jim B… by Henry Rodgers


Aside from this, the stats now show that if approved by the Senate, the MORE Act “would generate about $13.7 billion in net revenue for the U.S. Treasury over the next decade, according to a new report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).”


Hey Earl! Here’s a few more masks for you to get for work!


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