Quavo of Migos Talks Shop at Forbes Under 30 Summit

Quavo at Forbes Under 30 (Amy Nicole / ACRONYM)
Quavo at Forbes Under 30 (Amy Nicole / ACRONYM)
Quavo at Forbes Under 30 (Amy Nicole / ACRONYM)

Quavo may be under 30, but he’s certainly knowledgable when it comes to running his career as an artist, both with Migos and solo, as well as how to make sure you’re “gaining equity” vs. “getting rich.

During his speaking engagement at Forbes’ Under 30 Summit at the prestigious Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI, Quavo talks about his start in the rap game, the set up he used with Takeoff and Offset to write their first songs, as well as some of the triumphs and failures he’s had as an artist and entrepreneur. He also shares his inspirations in the rap game, and how he manages his money (hint: it’s exactly how we’re supposed to manage OUR money).

During the interview, attendees were also able to submit their questions for Quavo on a platform that went straight to the interviewer so people were able to essentially pick his brain on some of the things he’s seen and done. Quavo was also able to get the interviewer to do the dab not just once, but twice in front of the full theatre (which caused quite a bit of laughter).

Out of a lot of the questions, we’ve come to see that Quavo places a lot of importance on his family. Considering that the Migos are all related, and on top of that, one of Quavo’s first set of purchases was to buy his mom a new car and house, it’s safe to say that family is number one in his book.

Watch the full interview here:

Forbes will be back October of 2020 for year 2 out of 3 years in Detroit for the Under 30 Summit, so keep your last weekend of October 2020 clear and jump on tickets as soon as they become available. It’s a monumental event and will be great for anyone looking to network, see start-ups, and learn the in’s and out’s of specific industries.

I also just got word that Quavo reposted one of my photos on his Instagram, sadly with no credit. People are requesting to be credited so hopefully that changes!

Quavo On Instagram
Quavo On Instagram

To see more coverage of the Forbes Under 30 Summit, particularly the musical portion, head over to the Music section on acronymofficial.com.





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