Normani (Amy Nicole / ACRONYM)
Woodward Presbyterian ACRONYMOFFICIAL


I was invited to travel to Delaware to attend an Outdoor Pool Party event as an influencer by The Cream Agency, run by Patientce Foster, one of Cardi B’s affiliates / publicists, as well as a business woman, motivational speaker and events curator.

In conjunction with Wake Up Music Group, I was tasked with casting, curating, and directing the music video for Matt Warren’s first single “Get On Up” featuring Janis McGee. I completed all the camera operation and mapped out the choreography of the shoot, as well as completed the post production edits and color grading. The video has since been shown on MTV, BET, and VH1, and has reached over 100,000 views on YouTube.

In conjunction with Wake Up Music Group, I was tasked with casting, curating, and directing the music video for Matt Warren’s second single “How Do I Love Thee” featuring Pepper Gomez. I cast 8 girls from the Detroit area to participate, facilitated locations/outfits/ideas for the shoot, as well as completing the post production edits and color grading.

My first foray into directing for an Editorial Fashion shoot with a video component was cast, choreographed, edited and color graded by me as the Director, with camera operation completed by Arturo Rivera. The song used was (at the time, up and coming) band Wilson, who was a friend of the clothing line owner for PRTY CREW COLLECTIVE.

The only thing more fun that photographing a wedding is capturing video in real time. An example of the video services myself and subcontractors can provide, this is one of the reels of the ceremony, reception, and special moments of Eric and Heather.

As a partner of the social media program TikTok, I participated in a program in which I provided photography tips and tricks for 30 days at around :30 seconds a piece to help others gain creativity though their work. I have cut the program into a full “season” which you can view here.

In addition to the photo coverage I created for the Nain Rouge parade, I also cut a quick video utilizing a drone/4K video components, in which I also edited and color graded.

For an added layer of exposing the abandoned buildings in Detroit, I began cutting exploring videos, and showing the real-life looks as opposed to my edited photography. Accompanied with my improptu co-host Dan, we have explored multiple properties and created multiple videos similar to this one.

My first Vlog was focused on The Silverdome Demolition in Pontiac, MI, which ended up being more of a story itself than the actual demo. The video features photography of the Silverdome, live reporting, live interviews, and the not-so-explosive end to the Silverdome itself (For non-Detroiters: The building ended up only exploding partly, and it ended up more like a fart rather than an actual demolition.)

While being new to video, I was contracted to shoot images and video for the Charivari Festival in Detroit, MI for their social media channels. The task was to capture the essence of the event on West Riverfront Park for further years’ promos.

A promo reel featuring me, which has clips shot from Arturo Rivera and myself, which I edited together and color graded for a little hype around the human of ACRONYM, AKA me.

I was invited after posting about the Paczki Coney to visit American Coney Island by the owner to try it and posted a review on the high calorie food. It was honestly a shocking experience all around.