Oriana Setz combines her Ecuadorian singer-songwriter skillset with authenticity, healing, and illumination to create her newest release entitled ‘Metamorfosis’ which was released January 2020.

Currently posting up in New Zealand, Oriana’s songs include personal anecdotes and fictitious stories in which she shares lessons of the human condition like self-empowerment, reflection and social activism in a society of need.

In short, the best way to describe the sound of the album is the following:

Metamorfosis’ is about embracing the painful yet inevitable transition of becoming a new version of yourself.

Setz’s music is connected and celebrated in what are highlighted as the independent Latinx music movement called “AlterLatino,” and notes that her sound was inspired by the likes of Natalia Lafourcade, Jorge Drexler and Florence & The Machine.

“My main purpose as an artist is to be honest first with myself and then with my audience. I believe that there is nothing more healing than to listen to authentic music. To be able to write it, you need to know yourself and accept both your abilities and limitations, too. Music has healed me many times in the past so I feel an indescribable satisfaction for every time my music has fulfilled its purpose and illuminated someone else’s life. It is very easy to try to impress others to receive their approval, but I honestly believe you’re the happiest when you decide to be real and to embrace the fact that you don’t need to try to fit in a place you clearly don’t.” – Oriana Setz

The bilingual aspect of ‘Metamorfosis’ also connects with multiple listeners of different demos, and could fall into the category of people who are looking for an extra oomph over that Lo-Fi Study Beat life with a tad bit more strings.

Check out her full album here, and be sure to link up with her on Social Media on Facebook and Instagram.


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