NEW MUSIC ALERT: Mark Cooper – ‘Test Drive’

Today’s Music Discovery comes from Mark Cooper, who is on his 40th music project in 15 years. Nicknamed throughout the storytelling as “Player One,” Cooper travels through the album dubbed ‘Test Drive,’ and speaks to those of us in the Millennial generation, and the nerd generation for the video game homages.

The lyricism stood out when I heard the preview of the album, and it combines genre-bending sounds like the electric guitar in “Main Purpose” along with the Hip-Hop roots. The album also tells a story in which “Player One” is on a journey to find the left hand of the Power Glove pair, and has to travel to what’s called “Gerald’s Field,” a dead zone of trapped video game players (and a track title on the album).




While some of the nerdtastic homages are in your face, some other homages lay beneath the surface. Whether intentional or not, this listener sees a fusion between Video Game Culture, Hip-Hop, and a dash of the same ambiance that Kavinsky brought to the ‘Drive’ movie with the song “Nightcall.”

And for those of you who are local to the Detroit area, you may recognize a Checkpoint XP sweeper during the track “News Break,” which is a Beasley Media Group property (as is 101 WRIF, 94.7 WCSX, and 105.1 The Bounce).


Take the full journey by listening to ‘Test Drive’ below:



And if you can’t get enough, check out the previous release, ‘The Allspark’ which is referenced within this project.

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