One of our biggest mission with ACRONYM is to support the creative community as much as humanly possible. With that comes our Media Publishing Program.

We know how difficult it is to gain access to concerts and events, as well as making you vital to future concert pits, elevating your SEO Footprint, and more.

With that, the Media Publishing Program will let you gain access to our following, and in exchange, your submitted photos for published credit. While that may not seem like much to some, those that know about gaining traction in the media, upping your following, and getting published from a media outlet will find that of substantial importance. On top of publishing the photos on, we will also potentially post the photos on social to our network, credited to you, which should help your social following increase.

What are WE looking for?

ACRONYM is looking to obtain artists of current, top nature. Anything from Cardi B, to Foo Fighters, to Shawn Mendes. Anyone you could hear on the radio is what we’re looking for!

What’s The Catch?

No catch. The only thing you have to do is sign a document that you can view/download by clicking here. Please read the document thoroughly before submitting. Nothing too scary, just a note saying that you agree for us to use the photo(s) in exchange for credit/publish with no other perks/payment and that you are legally allowed to share these photos. If the photos are for some reason not allowed, and we get notified that you were not licensed to share said photos, we will share this document with the party with your signature attached.

Ready to submit? Click to view/download the document, and send this document along with the photos to