Lessons From Joshua Tree National Park


There is a peculiar medley of magic that hovers over the desert, a place in which nothing is camouflaged though all remains slightly obscure and ethereally mysterious.

Stark white, deep blue, dark linear leaves painting the desert and glaring light; the captivating environment ushers human beings through a mysterious landscape serving as an auditorium for a microscopic audience awaiting an array of coruscating stars and a day in the life of a human being psychologically on holiday on planet mars.

I step into the desolate feeling and impression of total vacancy and frequent Southern California’s treasure which lies in the Mojave desert, Joshua Tree National Park, on a regular basis, but the eerie feeling that I have landed in an otherworldly landscape where life should not be but simply is combined with heightened situational awareness has washed over my being and ignited an idiosyncratic perspective that left this brain child musing upon interconnectedness and living life in the wild while moving through the shifting rhythms, milestones and vicissitudes of daily life.

Standing in the middle of that desert, I became instantaneously fascinated with the constant stream of airplane lines that dipped in and out of the horizon beyond the lush purple mountains that psychologically appeared in the sky as a signal from another world as I immersed myself in the gap between civilizations. It was mystical. From a moment’s time, the desert emptied me of my jaded frame of reference about the world around and within me.

My mind was the landscape; I murmured to myself, “I am the landscape.” Emptiness is synonymous with potential, a state of pure vacancy, a hole in the wall, a window with an unobscured view. And when I chose to take on the emptiness of the landscape, lucidity was attained. What was known became absolutely obsolete, and in the space left by overwhelming familiarity and societal expectation, inspiration and creation takes root. And within this heart-centered place, everything is possible. Magic certainly abounds. I floated through varying degrees of lawless forms and locations and photographed the natural guardians of the earth and mystical rounded boulders while linking my personal perception of each; enjoy.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

As a highly creative mortal being, freedom is my favored form of currency. I enthusiastically act upon excitement, make unconventional decisions and project myself further while leaving no time for “things to happen.” I am inspired by experimentation from the chaos and pushing myself out of what is comfortable or what is universally known. I fearlessly live on the ledge beyond the edge and keenly understand that I have put my life and myself in the position I am currently in because every batch of words that I whip up is made with genuine love and sincerity from scratch. I had to bitch slap myself across the face and jolt my inner being into the reality that the warmth of the familiarity is the highest source of disappointment that I chose to have absolutely zero involvement in. I spin garbage into gold and thrive within our societies assumption of pure weakness = a life wrapped up in “I don’t know.” Push every single boundary. Do not lay dead on a battlefield and settle. Free yourself in the deepest sense and demonstrate to yourself that you have the ability to capitalize internally on life’s twists and turns. I am absolutely not going to arrive into my death-bed giving a rat’s ass what any outside influence believes to have been what I should have done with my one, precious life.  This is not a journey for cowards. I will not tip-toe my way to death without scratches, bruises or human beings who would rather watch a bullet being shot through my heart of gold than watch me internally succeed. And just as I perceive the Yucca tree pictured above represents, Life is uncertain; go with it.


The Power of Tribe

Choose your soul tribe and friends wisely. Candidly uniting with a group of human beings that you enjoy sharing your life with encourages vulnerable space to express and share all of our uniqueness while shining bright within the overlooked gifts that flow effortlessly and at times come naturally. I have recently encountered a transformational inner experience through acknowledging and accepting that I possess the inner tools to inspire other human beings to strengthen and express their inner powers to create a life of purpose, beauty, wonder, creativity, flow and unlimited abundance. For the first time in my life, I feel genuinely supported within each next level of my expression and am learning to surrender and trust that the guidance, support and love that is reflected back to me through sharing my ingenious talents and gifts is real. I am supported through challenges and opportunities, and am celebrated and lifted to a heightened state of awareness which awakens further large-scale inner possibilities. I am deeply grateful to have gathered with human beings whose sheer presence emits sparks of stars who I believe in without a single doubt and a mini tribe of soul and heart centered visionaries within a love-fueled community. I challenge the soul’s that I love to find meaning and stay aligned with their purpose through all of life transitions’s while freeing themselves from old, stationary limitations. I have attracted a vibrant tribe through acting upon my niche full of crystal clarity and participating in life-shifting, energizing choices that fuel both my own and the other human being’s soul spark. Meaningful connections are important. I have grown my tribe and embraced the life-force energy of earnest community which further awakens the one’s I love to stand in their worth unwaveringly. I am loyal in confidence, character and raw authentic communication. I guide the human being’s I choose to surround myself with by sharing my honest opinion’s and accept the human being as who they are without conditions. And just as I perceive the Yucca tree pictured above represents; it is indeed a choice to allow and create opportunities to share with one another, enjoy each other’s peculiar way of life, and sincerely be there for each other. It’s a choice to support and make our creationships a priority. Choose your energy.


Live From the Heart

Today, I am trusting, fearless, relaxed, stable and connected. Vulnerability pays my bills. I have succeeded at conquering a variety of internal battle’s more brutal than I initially realized. I have paved a deeper and more connected path to my heart and am sincerely living a heart-centered life. I have a strong connection and ability to check in, listen, relax and give consistent effort to the betterment of myself as a humanitarian to society by spending time giving beyond the call of duty from the raw goodness of my heart. I deem the bigger picture of contributing to the ocean rather than the individual wave as the paramount win. I have fought my way through the fucking muck and gone through a tremendous internal rebirth beyond societal distortion. Real talk, I can’t fake a smile. I insist on sharing and speaking on memories of internal abuse to encourage other human beings to never shut themselves down and break through their defenses and weights of buried truths. Talk about your shame – get naked. Heal your childhood wounds. Douse your throne with empathetic light and grow through the cracks of the crooked cement. You cannot deliver your authentic voice to the world without triggering others; roar in the face of egotists and plant your feet within your brilliance. And just as I perceive the Yucca tree above represents; you are in the middle of an open field called life. Life is not about the trophy case on the wall;  let your inner giant out of its cage, rise above and play from your fucking heart.


Covering nearly 800,000 acres of land, Joshua Tree National Park is shaped by strong winds, torrential rains, extreme climates and boundless inspiration. Let your mind wander, feel the interconnectedness between yourself and nature and allow inspiration reveal itself. You are a benevolent giver and versatile tree in bloom. Stay rooted and down to earth.





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