Vaping is under fire – and yes, that includes Cannabis Vaping. Zuckerberg and Co. plan on attacking Vape Products at the beginning of the year, aligning it with also banning gun promotions.

High Times shared that “On Wednesday it was announced that Facebook and Instagram will start removing posts that promote vaping, tobacco, or weapons “in the coming weeks,” according to an IG spokesperson.

Social Media brands like TikTok are already against showing Smoking of any kind, and will immediately delete or privatize your post for “Violating the Terms of Service,” and while promoting any Cannabis-based brands are already locked down and restricted from Ad-based sales, it looks as if Facebook and Instagram will begin to delete posts entirely that promote Vaping as a whole.

“Facebook has long held the policy that advertisements for vaping, tobacco, and weapons were unacceptable on the platform. There was a workaround, however; individual users (users without business pages) could hype such products, and businesses could promote the posts, vastly expanding their audience,” notes High Times.

And for the first time ever, they are considering Alcohol and Diet Supplements restrictions as well. Bye-Bye to many Kardashian-endorsed posts that help promote weight loss.


While on the one hand, some of these restrictions, like showing guns, might be a better upgrade, some of the other changes are vastly restricting the brands that are currently on both platforms.

On top of this, Instagram has enacted a Fact-checker that blocks posts and deems them as “False.” Can we say abuse of power and “fake news” here?

While it seems these restrictions are all over the place in terms of what they’re deeming worthy to see, it would be more logical if they go for a hybrid version of the two, if they truly feel the need to restrict the use of this technology.

If they already have the coding to “hiding posts” as they are with “Fact-Checking,” and allow users to post what they wish with the restriction filter, such as Marijuana, Sex Work / Nude Modeling, and more – that could open the apps up to not restricting freedom of speech and expression, but alert the user that they may not want to see the content. Then they can prompt the user to choose whether they want to see such content, versus removing it from their platform without a choice, and tooling the algorithm to the user, not what the Zuck Corp chooses to show you.

With the way they are doing it now, not only is it an unfair way for people to distribute content across the platform, but it also lines up “approved” companies to gain revenue while others are blocked from using the platform, and advertising on it.

With the knowledge that Mark Zuckerberg has chosen to align himself with Donald Trump and the Republicans policies, it’s only a matter of time before the Government could be fully integrated into the way we share on social media (if they aren’t already in secret), and they could start to hide important information from us from the press, and limit what we can post and say, for example, like China.

While that may seem like a conspiracy theory to some, it’s honestly not far off of what could be on the horizon. And with that in mind, it’s only a matter of time before people start leaving both platforms, both on principle, or with no choice due to lack of value moving forward.



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