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I know people are getting sick of everyone and their mother talking about CBD but it’s actually one of the best things out now to help with a multitude of issues. 🌱Think ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and their love for Windex. You have pain? CBD. Can’t sleep? CBD. Anxiety? CBD. Other types of troubles CBD has been able to assist in? Fighting Cancer. Reducing Acne. Reducing Depression. Assist in migrating away from substance abuse with Opioids, Heroin, and more. 🌿 We are still learning what this non-psychoactive product (read “Doesn’t get you high”) can do for us. Some say “It doesn’t work on me.” And that could certainly be the case, and some require a kickstart of THC (the stuff that DOES get you high), but it also depends on the potency and where the Cannabididol comes from. 🍀 I personally have been enjoying @straightup.cbd as of late, in the Orange Cream flavor, as well as Vanilla Almond. So far, I’ve actually used up all my Orange Cream between sticking it in Orange Juice, taking it under my tongue, and even encapsulating it for on the go use. It’s become such a helpful part of my lifestyle, using CBD products, so if you’re seriously still on the fence about it, I suggest you look into the specifics and see if it’s right for you. It just may be the thing you are looking for! 🍃 P.S. If you’re looking to snag a bottle, you can get your first order for 20% off using my code “acronym20” - Use it or lose it!

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