High Times Magazine Releases First Drop of Cannabis Eighths in Michigan

The 46-year-old legacy of High Times Magazine is adding another piece of greatness to its brand by kicking off their newest endeavor: a Cannabis line with the High Times branded name, which will be available for purchase in Michigan at selected dispensaries starting December 28.

Ami Nicole of ACRONYM was one of the lucky ones to test out one of three strains that High Times is releasing: the Black Label strain, aka “Eagle Clutch.” Bred from Wedding Cake, EC is an uplifting Indica dominant Hybrid with 31+% THC, which is usually a hard-to-find potency in the Michigan market. From the experience, ACRONYM felt a strong body high, a mid-level head high, with relaxation coupled with euphoria. 

“I love feeling both the mind and body effects of Eagle Clutch, it’s precisely what I try to achieve when I try out new strains to add to my stable of preferred dispo grabs,” said ACRONYM. “Enough indica to relax and handle any pain I may be feeling after a long day of shooting, a high in the mind enough to feel euphoria and lessen anxiety, but still functioning enough to make decisions throughout the high.”



Accompanying the Black Label strain is a White Label (named High Flyer – a Hybrid), and the  Red Label (Lion Fuel – Indica). High Times will also be rolling out branded vapes, gummies, and pre-rolls in the early stages of 2021. 

From this end of Michigan Cannabis, it is telling how much stock the location may mean to High Times in terms of rolling out a new product. After holding the Cannabis Cup in Clio, MI for years, they expanded their reach by holding a Cannabis Cup in Detroit 2019, prior to the pandemic, and this drop of product hints that they may want to do more within the Michigan atmosphere with this release. 

“As Michigan continues to work through releasing convicted individuals for non-violent possession of Cannabis, the more we will see Cannabis companies flock here, in my mind,” says ACRONYM. “The more the regulations loosen, the more Governor Gretchen Whitmer backs initiatives like this, the more I assume we’ll see with brands like High Times and beyond coming to the mitten to join the fun!”




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