If you’re into the Arctic Monkeys or Black Keys, chances are you may like Apache Rose and their newest single “Tiny Love.”

A sassy bassline and rockin’ riffs bring together the track from the Moscow-based rock project written by Ilya Novokhatskiy. The rest of the band is a rotating cast at any point and time, but the switcheroos do not disrupt the rock.

Ilya describes it best saying the following:

“We always write the music first and then the lyrics. That way the music provides the emotional fuel for lyric-writing. And often words just come out of my mouth being driven my the song. The first lines of Tiny Love are “My tiny love is not loud enough” is actually a reference to Soundgarden’s song Loud Love and the Stone Temple Pilots album ‘Tiny Music’. That’s the 90-s channeling through me)).

And having blurted out that phrase the whole song concept came together. It’s a song about being angry and frustrated that you and your efforts are not enough, but you still hang in there and bet everything on your performance.””

You may also be shocked to see that the song is in English and not Russian.  Ilya is a product of a new underground rock scene with fresh ideas and “English-speaking on a very fluent level.”

The difference is, “Tiny Love” is being picked up by Spotify playlists, and the band has a growing fanbase, mostly from utilizing social media sites like Facebook and SoundCloud.

Jam out to “Tiny Love” here, and be sure to check out their Facebook and SoundCloud for more exciting work!

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