Dunkaroos frosting sticking to your fingers. You’re sitting in your driveway with your Heelys on, or playing with a Skip-It. If you’re a girl, you probably have butterfly clips holding back your bangs. If you were a boy, you probably had a flame-designed button-up shirt. Scrapes on your knees, and the breeze in the trees. That sort of thing.

If you can imagine all of that, then you were probably a 90’s kid, and I shouldn’t have to explain the significance of why Dunkaroos returning is NEWSWORTHY.

So where does this information come from? Dunkaroos just joined Instagram, and are already verified. So that means they’ve gotta be on their way back, right?

Either way, I shot my shot to with them. Are there Dunkaroos influencers? Because I want in.


FOX8 shared that “Dunkaroos recently created verified accounts on both Twitter and Instagram,” and noted that “Media outlets have reached out to General Mills, Dunkaroos’ parent company, and declined to comment on the return of Dunkaroos. However, General Mills did say they have a lot of exciting things in store for 2020.”

While we’re here, let’s reminisce.





Until they announce their plans for return, all we’ve got to work with is online fake recipes and this:



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