Marijuana is a sensational topic these days, especially since Sunday, December 1, dispensaries that were approved by the State of Michigan for recreational sales were able to sell to buyers without a Medical Marijuana Card.

Those who looked into buying this weekend were shocked to find that the only dispensaries that were currently fully approved to sell were all locations within Ann Arbor, Michigan – which is quite a trek from the Detroit area.

Of course, since the health issues with vaping have become public due to counterfeit cartridges, people have started to turn their backs on the idea of legalization, and now we’re starting to see the first embellishments of anti-marijuana fodder that’s disguised as a news report.

The reports from Channel 4 and Channel 7 share that a Michigan State Police Trooper was struck by a driver and the driver lost control “due to high speeds and slick roads.” The Michigan State Police Driver was struck, and the driver who caused the accident spun 180 degrees, according to the cop.

The headlines read ‘Man allegedly under influence of marijuana rear ends MSP vehicle’ from Channel 7, while Channel 4‘s reads ‘Driver under the influence of marijuana hits MSP patrol vehicle, police say.’ Did y’all miss the part where the determination of the cause of the accident was because the driver “lost control due to high speeds and slick roads?”

The stories are framed that this happened on the “first day of legal Recreational Marijuana” and note that the driver was “under the influence of Marijuana and was taken into custody.” But here’s the fun part: This accident happened in Springfield Township, which is right by the village of Clarkston, and this accident happened around 9 A.M. on Sunday.

These articles do not take into account the location and time in regards to linking it to “Recreational Marijuana.” Dispensaries that were able to sell recreationally were not open until 10 A.M., and, as we previously stated, were located in Ann Arbor only, which is a whole hour away from the location where the accident occurred. So, not only was this accident nowhere near a Recreational Dispensary, but it also occurred a whole hour before they even opened.

Review the map below of the locations, and factor in time:



The problem with biased journalism is not looking at all the facts, and now that these outlets have put out information such as this when the two events are not related –  other than they have “Marijuana” in the story. And with the way that individuals don’t even READ articles anymore, (many skim articles or skim headlines), this will give a reason for anti-Marijuana readers to think that the first day of Recreational Marijuana caused this accident, which as you can see, is not the case.

Hopefully, it doesn’t make an insane impact on the case against Marijuana in the State of Michigan, since they’re so unrelated, but you know how people get when they get something in their mind: They act like the truth doesn’t matter to suit their own narrative. Make sure you fact check things prior to sharing or believing, kids.

Aside from this, there’s no ill will toward the Michigan State Police, and we hope that nobody was seriously hurt, and can make swift recoveries.


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