From “Don’t Rush” to “Pass The Brush,” TikTok has been breeding collaborations with its users, and one Detroit Photographer got an idea to connect with a few others that had a TikTok Account to create a collaborative nature while Social Distancing.

Amy Nicole of ACRONYM (who started producing content for the app as a TikTok Partner in 2019) approached Colin McConnell, Sabrina Lee, Jacob Giampa, and Page Albin to be involved, and each prepared 2-3 photos as well as a video of them passing their camera to the next person. With the energy and speed return on the camera pass, the cohesive video began to get attention on Social Media, with comments like “This is probably the best one I’ve seen of these so far,” and that people loved the collaboration, garnering shares on multiple platforms.

“I think it’s super important to establish Creativity over Competition, especially with such an oversaturated area of Photographers,” says Amy Nicole of ACRONYM. “My friends and I do our absolute best to try and collaborate as much as possible, as we are stronger together than we are apart, and I think that’s a lesson we can all lean on during COVID-19.”

ACRONYM also took the time to announce that there will be a 5th installment of the Found In The Underground Arts & Music Festival once social distancing guidelines are lessened. “I wasn’t going to do another for a long time, but I believe now more than ever, I should step up and help my community get back on its feet. With how many comic-cons, art shows, and music festivals being postponed or canceled, artists of all types need an outlet more than ever.”

See the video, and check out each photographer’s work below.



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In Video Order:

Amy Nicole / ACRONYM

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Colin McConnell / Detroit Respect

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Sabrina Lee / Reeferfox

Facebook (Reeferfox_Photography) | Instagram | TikTok


Jacob Giampa / Between Two Bolts

Facebook (Between Two Bolts) | Instagram | TikTok


Paige Albin / Hextapes

Facebook (Paige Albin Photography) | Instagram | TikTok



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