Hundreds of people lined up in the wee hours of Friday morning to get a taste of the California-based company, Cookies, who partnered with Gage Cannabis to open a new dispensary on the corner of 8 Mile & Mound. With Flavors Detroit and Five & Dime right in the vicinity, chances are, the other Medical Dispensaries are not too happy about it.


During the opening event, Owner & Rapper Berner and Detroit Famed Rapper Trick Trick cut the ribbon, and then they began filtering people through the building. During this time, shuttles were running to and from a parking lot (one that many did not use), and many cars were ticketed and towed. That didn’t stop fans from staying in line to get a taste of that Gary Peyton.

In a press release, Berner said the following:

“To me, Michigan is one of the biggest markets next to California. Not only is it a big market, Michigan is a very educated market when it comes to herb and hash. And the fact we are kicking it off on 8 Mile makes all of this even more legendary.”

As many are quick to point out, Detroit has still not elected into recreational sales, but the cost of all products has gone up astronomically, and many smokers have taken to working directly with a grower or getting their product on the “black market” to pay less money. Still, many were stoked to try what some would call the “overpriced shit you can get at Gage.” But if you’re a Medical Marijuana Patient, Cookies could be your next favorite spot!

Truth be told, I was curious about the difference in quality and potency, and when I took one whiff of the Blueberry Muffin flower they have, I vowed to go back to snag some to try. Certainly, report back once I’ve got a verdict on that. But for now, I can at least say that ACRONYM and Berner have a photo together!



Check the photos below to see what the location looks like, and some of the products they have on their shelves and be sure to stop in if you’re curious, it’s quite an experience. Think of it like an Apple Store for Cannabis.

Oh, and P.S. – those people that camped out that I previously wrote about – they got like $500 of product for free for being loyal. So guess the jokes on me for that one!


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