Common Citizen Detroit: The Starbucks of Cannabis


If you’re looking for a dispensary that happens to be a more welcoming environment than a former doctor’s office off of 8 Mile, we have just the thing for you. Common Citizen has just opened its first location in Detroit.

With locations around the state that are already thriving, Common Citizen is looking to create an environment that provides “Modern, safe, quality consumption for all,” which is a great mission to stand by.

Currently, there are now 3 open locations, which are Flint, Battle Creek, and Detroit, but more are on the way, including locations in Hazel Park, Lansing, Warren, and Grand Rapids.

Instead of listing their strains under the Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid brackets of Cannabis, they market their product under titles like Pain Relief, Relaxation, and more, which makes it a lot easier not only for first-time consumers but also to get exactly what you want and need out of your Cannabis experience.

As far as the Detroit location, they have opened a first phase storefront and will be doing some construction to expand into the storefronts that are on either side of the current location. On their website and Instagram, you can see the aesthetic they are going to be building out that is similar to the previous two locations, and I told them straight up: It is like a Starbucks but with Cannabis!

Making this joke, I wasn’t aware that the other locations also have coffee bars, so their motif was translating perfectly. It is unclear whether Common Citizen may eventually translate into a consumption lounge, but we could definitely see that happening in the next few years!

The shop is currently a Medical Marijuana location only, as the struggles with Recreational Marijuana in Detroit are still up in the air, but are supposed to be revisited early 2020. But luckily, Common Citizen also has that covered for you in terms of questions. They have drafted up a handy guide to getting your Medical Marijuana Card if you’d like to take the plunge.

Check out the photos of the new location here, and be sure to stop in and say “HIGH” if you’re a Medical Marijuana car holder. Special thanks to Common Citizen for letting ACRONYM tour the facility! We can’t wait to see what comes of your new space!

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