#HIGHSTROLOGY | It’s Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!

Did Charlie Brown invent Friendsgiving? How many of us will actually eat cold cereal and toast today? Who wouldn’t want an ice cream sundae for dessert? And, most importantly, how many of us have sat down to watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving episode and thought to ourselves, “Which character am I?” While I may not be an oracle, I do have some of the answers.


And, yes, Scorpio, you are totally Charlie Brown’s garage


ARIES: Patricia ‘Peppermint Patty’ Reichardt

I could make a case for a Gemini here too (non-stop talking), but damn, sometimes people just don’t get Aries. “Golly, why can’t I act right outside of a baseball game?” You can take the warrior out of battle, but you can’t take the battle out of the warrior…


TAURUS: Linus Van Pelt

I feel like Linus wouldn’t be everyone’s first pick for Taurus. And they would be wrong. How Venus is it to carry a piece of fabric everywhere?! And the way he comes through to suggest two dinners. A. More food is Taurus and B.) That’s the kind of ‘rock” friendship move that screams of fixed earth.


GEMINI: Patricia ‘Peppermint Patty’ Reichardt’s Father

What sort of distracted parent ghosts their child on a holiday? Are you too busy riding the coattails of Mercury to listen to your daughter, who clearly has A LOT to communicate? Take a breath, collect your child.


CANCER: Charlie Brown’s Grandmother 

Clearly the mama of the Zodiac isn’t going to let any child go hungry. Bonus points for being carried off in the station wagon womb to grandmother’s crabshell condo. 


LEO: Snoopy

Obviously. The theatrics! THE HEART. I mean I know the whole Pilgrim thing is complicated, but celebrating every holiday in costume is why we love our lion friends. 



“Little birdy, why worry like you do?” Snoopy may get all the credit, but Woodstock’s the tiny general whispering the plays in his ear. Like that Virgo friend who’s there to remind you to measure the popcorn kernels before you pop it.


LIBRA: Charlie Brown

I’m not saying Ol’ Charlie’s a Libra, but the part of him who’s always trying to please others—at the expense his own comforts and desires—is such a Libra issue. Plus, this makes sense for the whole ‘opposites attract’ Peppermint Paddy situation. Like Gemini Brett says, Libra + Aries = LIBRARIES. *drops mic*


SCORPIO: Charlie Brown’s Garage

Scorpio Friends, if thoughts suddenly became objets, you would see how NOT sexy it is to hold onto everything. Sure, that broken beach chair came in handy that one time, but, for real, let it go. 



“Why should I give thanks on Thanksgiving?” Yes, Sally, why should we feed into this false history lesson? Haters may call out cold and distance Saturn, but Sally’s rollicking venture for TRUTH is 100% Centaur. 



That awkward moment when Marie calls out Charlie and Peppermint Patty by their legal names—turns out to be just the thing to smooth out a tense situation. Call the Sea-goat a downer if you want, but when you’re headed to the top of the mountain, there’s no time for small talk.


AQUARIUS: Charlie Brown

Someone once noted that Charlie Brown’s t-shirt is the Aquarius glyph. And now I can never not see that. Right or wrong, it’s easy to make a case for Charlie as the ultimate outsider of the Zodiac. After all, the plot’s episode is borne from the fact that Charlie doesn’t quite get the collective custom of Thanksgiving. 


PISCES: Franklin

Asking to wear a tie is such a Libra courtesy, but I’m going Pisces. Which is my default for characters who don’t talk much. I just assume they have a rich internal life, filled with thoughts far deeper than mine. 



Episode 3 of HIGHSTROLOGY: Today, we focus on the characters in the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special, and we have a special guest with Lady Michael Tarot, who gives us a quick reading before we embark on the Astro talk. #Highstrology is a co-lead web series/journalistic piece in which Ami Nicole of ACRONYM (who is usually stoned) and CV Henriette of Art of the Zodiac (the one who knows the Astros) pair Pop Culture topics with Astrological knowledge.


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CV Henriette is an Astrologer, writer, and owner of Art of the Zodiac, which specializes in self-care for the Astro-friendly, as well as Astrological Chart readings, and much more. Check out her website at artofthezodiac.co, and be sure to follow her on Instagram at @art_of_the_zodiac.

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