CannaSmack Releases Lotions To Pair Their Flavorful Chapsticks

This year, CannaSmack took a new step toward cosmetics with the lotion line that mirrors its chapsticks – which is pretty exciting, especially if you’re a big fan of some of the flavors.

Luckily, CannaSmack let ACRONYM try out all four lotions – and we can tell you without a doubt that they are worth the buy! Here are some of our deliberations based on the scent.

Along with a “Plain Mary Jane” Chapstick that seems to be a new addition to the line, the lotion is great, not only because of the fact that it’s basically unscented, but it works for sensitive skin.


“Day Tripper Delight” mimics its chapstick counterpart by having a menthol-type twinge to it, which makes it a good replacement for having to use Icy-Hot.

If you’re more of an Orange than a Peach fan, “Wild Orange Crush” will be your jam, and I personally liked this one for a foot lotion. I put some in a bowl and heated it up, and then wrapped my feet to let it soak in. It kept my feet soft for multiple days.

And finally, if you’re a fan of Happy Tokes and a fan of Peaches, you can now snag a lotion that shares the same scent as the “Happy Tokes Peach” branded chapstick. This has an addicting scent that gains many compliments while wearing it.

Conclusion: This is an A+ product. I personally want to snag more of the Plain Mary Jane after I finish off my bottle of Day Tripper, but why should my word be law? Check out some of the testimonies I have from others who had the opportunity to use the other scents.

“I have to say as someone with many skin issues and allergies, I battle trying to find a lotion that moisturizes and heals and doesn’t irritate my skin. This lotion is amazing! It’s smooth and has a creamy texture, and absorbs beautifully into the skin without feeling greasy or sticky. There’s no harsh dyes or artificial scents so there were zero issues with my eczema or allergies! I even keep the convenient pump bottle on my sink in my kitchen where it can be seen! I love the packaging! What a great product!”
Kate, 33


“It seriously makes my skin feel like I’m rubbing like mineral primer all over my body. Like how people use primer for makeup to make it soft? That’s what it feels like. I feel so soft and hydrated when I use it and the peach scent is so real and fresh peach it makes me feel so happy and it smells so beautiful lol. I’ve never had something be so hydrating and so soft and leave almost no trace of itself once it’s on me.”
Carrie, 23

The lotions come in a 2 oz., an 8 oz., and 16 oz., with the larger sizes coming with a lotion pump. Shop your scents here, and be sure to check out CannaSmack’s full site for other products like regular and tinted lip balms, leggings, SPF for your tattoos, and more!




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