How the F**K Do I Build a Following on Facebook or Twitter?

Building a following takes a lot of time, blood, sweat, tears, crying, and cursing CEOs, for the most part. But that coveted follower count, your engagement, and “pull” is what helps you make money. So, let’s visit each of the social media platforms that could be useful to your brand, and see some of the tactics you can use in order to gain notoriety (therefore MOOLAH).

Today, we’re going to tackle Facebook and Twitter. Please check back to read about Instagram and TikTok next week!





I know what you’re thinking: Do I really need a Facebook audience anymore? Like… It’s so outdated! Which, that very well may be. And it may be run by an idiot that I like to call Fuckerberg. Buuuut it is still useful for some brands to have a presence there, so that’s why I’m covering it. Some industries, like beauty professionals, local photographers, artists, chefs, and lifestyle bloggers will still use Facebook for quite a few reasons:

  1. It targets a specific age group (usually): Are you looking for the stay-at-home moms? The 40-somethings? Grandmas? Grandpas? Babywearers? I could keep trying to pull things out of my ass here, but I don’t want to offend anyone else. LOL
  2. It gives you an easier opportunity to lift a follower count, and you don’t have to do as much of the heavy lifting, because you’re likely already creating content somewhere else that could be used on Facebook.
  3. It helps you hyper-localize for events in your area, which is something people tend to take for granted.
  4. It gives the opportunity to share content within a community of people who can share that content to their pages easily.

I’m sure there are more, but let’s get to it. One of the BEST ways to gain an audience on Facebook once you make a Fan Page is to send it to literally EVERYONE on your friend’s list (this is most likely not the place to advertise your OnlyFans if Uncle Kenny is going to see it). Once you do that and get a good chunk of followers, start sharing content that you’ve created for Instagram, TikTok, anywhere else you’re looking to make content on Facebook as a catch-all situation. It doesn’t have to be manicured and perfect, but if someone sees something you’ve posted and thinks it’s cool, they may share to their audience. That opens you up to hundreds of potential clients. And yes, you can do that on Instagram Stories too, but the primary function of Facebook is it to reach people’s feeds. Stories can be ignored, but if you are on Facebook, posts are kinda what you’re looking for, ya know?

Next Tip: Share things from other pages and people to your page. I know that may sound counterintuitive, but if you share articles, memes, inspirational quotes, or relatable content from other pages, Facebook likes to push that content up higher in the algorithm and give it more views. So when sharing from other sources, share with commentary from yourself or your brand’s voice, and in between those shares, also share your original content. Facebook also did something right when creating this next feature: Once people like the content on your page, you can invite them to like your page. So, say for example someone shares something from your page, and someone goes to your page and starts liking it but doesn’t *like* your page, you can invite them to like your page because they interacted with your content.

The third: Comment from your page on other pages’ posts. There is a toggle on the right-hand side of most Facebook posts that show your profile picture on the app only. If you click on that, you can choose to interact with that post as you, or as your Facebook Fan Page. If you comment on higher-profile stories and posts using your account, you may gain followers from charming the audience.






Building a following on Twitter is truthfully something I have yet to master. It’s the wild wild west, and it seems that one of the only ways to stream a consistent following is to A. Already be known by a wide audience, B. Have a verification badge, or C. You’re really good at shitposting and people have noticed and started following.

While those things are hard to generate sometimes, it’s really about consistency to gaining real, organic followers. The more tweets tend to go out, the more people see you. But who has time to sit around and tweet all day long in order to build a following? Um, unless you’re a socialite with your bills paid, you probably don’t. So here’s a couple ideas you can use to your benefit.

  • Use a site like, which lets you pick specific Twitter accounts that you like and that have content you trust, and have it auto-populate a tweet that they posted. For example, since I’m in the Cannabis Community, I have the accounts from High Times Magazine and populating a couple of times a day. So when MerryJane posts something to their Twitter feed, that tweet then posts on mine as well. Obviously, this could get tricky, as you never know what a social media person is going to tweet out, so make sure you only use it on accounts you trust.
  • Use something like Hootsuite, a scheduling app for Social Media. You approve a connection with Hootsuite in your account and then schedule tweets to go out. I went through and began asking questions and scheduling them, like “Can you separate the human behind the music from the music they put out when the artist becomes problematic?” or I will schedule quotes from people that are inspiring or cause people to think, and more importantly, retweet. Those retweets are much like Facebook’s sharing, people scroll through feeds constantly through Twitter, and those retweets are like gold. Obviously, be careful to what you share, as always, because one scheduled tweet that went out at the wrong minute could cause you a shit storm if you’re not careful.
  • The platform is all about communicating with others, which is why you need to actually interact with people in order to gain followers. You can scroll through your feed, or check in the trending hashtags and see if there’s anything that pops out at you that you have a response to, as well as checking specific hashtags. I operate a lot within the Cannabis space, so I tend to look for Cannabis tweets and find more Cannabis people to follow.
  • Live-tweeting events are great as well, especially if you’re part of a certain industry. For example, I’m a concert photographer, so when things like Music Award Shows happen or something like Verzuz, I try and live-tweet to keep myself in the conversation. Say you’re a makeup artist: Maybe comment on some drama between whatever the hell Jeffree Star did NOW, or discuss which products you like most with other makeup artists that are more popular on the platform. The more the interaction, the more the eyes are on you.
  • As much as this sucks, the controversy will always bring the eyes. If you don’t have controversy of your own, tweet about celebrity controversy (if that’s in your wheelhouse or somehow related to your brand). Sadly, the world is fueled on sharing their own opinion, and that’s what Twitter is for, baby.


That concludes today’s lesson on Facebook and Twitter. Check back next week for HOW TO BUILD A FOLLOWING ON INSTAGRAM AND TIKTOK!




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