Bernie Sanders Wins the New Hampshire Primary

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After the February 3rd technical-disaster that was the Iowa Caucus, the 2020 Democratic Primary moved on to its next contest, the more mild-mannered night that was the New Hampshire Primary. In 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders won the race against Hillary Clinton, and in 2020, the Independent Senator once again emerged with a win.

Let’s get to the highlights and some short predictions into what the next few weeks of the race may look like moving forward.

Bernie Sanders sat atop the group of candidates with, while Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar came in second and third with and Elizabeth Warren in fourth. Once again failing to perform, Joe Biden, who was for most of the race the front runner, came in fifth place, leaving New Hampshire before the polls closed to give a speech in South Carolina. In the end, Sanders and Buttigieg walked away with nine delegates, and Klobuchar with six.

The biggest casualty of the night was Andrew Yang, who, despite a valiant online effort by his supporters, ended his campaign. Yang, who remained steady in the polls despite a general media blackout, championed his “Freedom dividend as his central policy and saw endorsements form individuals such as Donald Glover and Whoopie Goldberg.

As the race plows along, the next spectacle in the already brutal primary run is the Nevada Democratic presidential caucus taking place on February 22nd. And, while still being some days out, the upcoming contest has already seen its fair share of controversies arise.

On February 9th, a Tweet revealed that the Nevada Democratic Party hired a former Buttigieg campaign staffer as it’s “Voter Protection Director,” a connection that should worry voters given the Buttigieg campaign’s involvement with the political non-profit Acronym and the app Shadow that led to the Iowa Caucus debacle. Deciding not to use the Shadow app the Nevada Democrats also announced they would be using a yet to be revealed “caucus tool,” because, we guess paper ballots aren’t good enough for some reason.

All controversies aside, no matter who you’re supporting in the primary race, the next few weeks will be crucial in deciding who will take on Donald Trump in November, and it’s essential for every voting age individual to vote. Michigan allows same-day registration at the precincts, but if you’re not planning to do that, the deadline to register online or through the mail is February 24th. Since voting records are purged even if you’ve already registered, it’s also crucial to check your status from time to time. Michigan registered voters can check their registration status here.





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