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John Bozick

Iowa Caucus Photo by Alex Martinez on Unsplash

The 2020 Democratic Primary as Told by the Meme

The 2016 Presidental Election was referred by some as the Great Meme War, showing the effect Internet culture has had on American politics...

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Bernie Sanders Wins the New Hampshire Primary

Breaking: Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire primary, scoring a big shot of momentum in the Democratic presidential race after last week’s...

Iowa Caucus Photo by Alex Martinez on Unsplash

Iowa Caucus Results Left in the Air

After a day of anxiety for some and anger for others, the Iowa Caucus concluded with no clear winner after major technical issues...

Sundance Store 2015 Sundance Institute | Photo by Jemal Countess

Robert Redford’s Sundance Store to Open First Location in Michigan

The Sundance Kid himself, Robert Redford, will be bringing his business to Michigan after confirming the opening of his new Sundance Store location...

Alamo Drafthouse Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

The Alamo Drafthouse that Never Was

If you had your hopes up for dinner and drinks while watching a film in Detroit, we have bad news for you. The...

Impeachment Afghanistan Photo by Jonathan Simcoe on Unsplash

Impeachment Overshadows the Afghanistan Papers

Switch on any of the major news networks, and you’ll see the screen flooded with bright graphics and various arguments around the ever-so-controversial...

Detroit City FC. Photo by Jon DeBoer Photography

Detroit City FC Officially Joins the Big Leagues

Going into 2020, Detroit City FC is probably the most successful sports team in the city, outperforming the abysmal major Detroit sports teams...

A billboard planned by the city of Detroit. Photo from the city of Detroit.

Detroit Announces New Plan for Dogs

The city of Detroit announced a plan that will bring changes to animal care & control policies and aims to improve public safety,...

Climate Emergency and the DTE Headquarters. Photo by John Bozick

DTE was the Focus of Detroit’s Climate Strike

Climate Activists gathered in Grand Circus Park before making the trek to the DTE Headquarters in Downtown Detroit in support of the Work...

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