Anna and Phill Do Halloween with ACRONYM

So, as many of you know, Halloween is when ACRONYM truly comes alive, and I always try and churn out some spooky content. This year, we surprisingly kicked it into high gear between a viral TikTok video and the lack of Halloween Celebrations that can be had due to the Pandemic.

And while yes, I loved all my clients’ shoots for their Halloween releases, the favorite definitely came from Anna and Phill, who didn’t want to do the whole “posed and perfect” look. However, Phill had the idea that the pair of them look as if they want to be the perfect Insta-couple, but then the in-between shots tell a different story… One that leads one of them to their grave.

Follow the story here:


We worked the story shot-by-shot, and though I have never done a storyboard shoot before, we found it was very amusing, with adding so much attention to detail as far as Easter Eggs are concerned. I also got to break a beer bottle for Anna’s weapon, and we had an interruption from a sweet old man with a walker, who said “I don’t really get what you guys are doing but I want to watch.”

And just because, here’s a candid 🙂


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