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One of the biggest struggles in media today is that people want to see your credentials. You could have great work but do other people care? One of the biggest things is trying to get Press Coverage for your work. Whether it be Music, Photography, Video, Fine Art, Career Overview, Small Business Promotion, or just overall press, there are very few places that do this. So, that’s why I’m offering it.

From having a well-written piece for you to share on Social Media, it increases your band/artist’s SEO and having press quotes to add to your EPK or Bio will enhance the vision of your band. The world’s biggest secret is that if we see someone we trust that co-signs to a product, service, or band/artist’s music, we are more likely to check it. I’m willing to help get you there with my reach and influence.

Does it sound weird to you? The idea of paying someone to write press for/about you? Before you feel like that’s somehow cheating, here’s the thing: This is actually something that major artists do. They pay outlets to review their single/album, pay for their album covers to be put in as ads, and hell, did you know to get on a Billboard Cover or getting a star on the Walk of Fame is all because they paid for it?


Kinda gross when you see how the sausage is made, but it also puts you ahead of the curve because you now know if you want to help generate more press unpaid for yourself from outlets, the first step is to get press done. This will also help you gain more of a following, and spread your message, as well as assist if you’re chasing that little blue checkmark for verification. I also create my own content, so people can come across your article after reading something I’ve written, which is a win-win for all of us.

ACRONYM offers multiple services including:

  • Click-Based Ads on – Home Page, Story Page, Side Bar, Header Takeovers (top of the site)

  • Posts on ACRONYM Social Channels (Both Regular Posts & Story Posts)

  • Influencer Style Posts (works best with products/places ACRONYM can take photos of/with) – Price determined by the duration of the post (a few days, a week, months)

  • Branded Partnership Stories: Content written about your business (i.e. business profile/story, band/music release, product reviews)

  • Branded Partnership Traffic: Your website and/or ads will be linked with story unrelated to your business (but never opposing/conflicting – example, selling fur coats on an animal rights post)

  • Product Photography for Social Media: Shooting your product with/without models and promoting it on ACRONYM’s social channels, as well as photos for your own use.

The Digital Age has changed how this game is played now. Organic Discovery has now been axed from Social Media because of the algorithms they have put in place, and it’s extremely unfair to those of you who are extremely talented. So it’s time to re-invent the system.

And I’ll leave you with this note: If you’re worried about the price of hiring an individual such as myself for these kinds of services because you think it might be REALLY EXPENSIVE, think again. I try to keep the prices as low as I possibly can to help promote your project because I truly want to help people. I just am trying to make sure to cover my time writing/researching/working, I’m not trying to milk other artists in the process.

If you’d like to inquire about pricing, discuss how this all works, see all the options, feel free to shoot an e-mail to for more information.