For those of you who use the Adobe Creative Cloud at any capacity, you may want to login to your dashboard and ask for a cancelation. Why exactly?

Well, Adobe has this great feature that if you’re struggling financially, which most of us are due to the Coronavirus, we won’t be able to pay our fees for the Cloud.

Whether you’re a $20 subber, a student who gets it on the low, or if you’re like me who has EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM, you can log into your account, click cancel, and then be walked through the prompts.

If you put that the program is “Too Expensive” or you leave note about the Coronavirus, it will send you to a window that offers you 2 months for free for staying within your contract.

Most of us need the programs in order to create our works, so chances are you’re not going to cancel, and take the freebie. It also works if you have an Adobe Stock account.

This isn’t a new feature, it’s something that has offered to me in times of trouble, and if this isn’t T-R-O-U-B-L-E, I don’t know what is. So save yourself anywhere from $20-106 by following the prompts.

Good luck!


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