ACRONYM’s Favorite Hemp & Cannabis Products For 420


As you may have noticed from everyone’s social media posts, today is 4/20, otherwise known as 420 A.K.A. the Weed Holiday of the world!

But while everyone was joking about leaving Snoop Dogg some Milk and Cookies for the event, I decided I would pull together a list of some of my favorite products for Cannabis Consumption or for Life Enhancement without the THC.

Check out my list below, and be sure to follow them all on Instagram or pick up some of their products today!


Magical Butter

If you are into edibles or making your own topicals, this is your best bet. The Magical Butter machine can make everything from Butter to Coconut Oil, to Chocolate, and even Tincture! It’s simple-to-use, and has recipes that will help you through your wildest desires.

For the next 72 hours, you can snag the MagicalButter Machine ($174.95) with $42 OFF for $132.95 + FREE SHIPPING!








Accessible. Effective. Eclectic. I have never used another pen for cartridges other than Ooze. Shout out to a hometown Michigan Brand. My favorite is the 1100 Battery, it’s super strong – but the Slim Pens and Cruzes are also pretty awesome to have on the go. 






If you’ve followed me for a minute, you know that I have been obsessed with CannaSmack‘s chapsticks, and have done photos for them, as well as shared products with Detroiters at music festivals. In 2019, they finally opened up for me to be an Affiliate and my first choice was to try all the CannaSmack Luxe Skin Care line. After just a few weeks, my skin is already clearer than it ever has been, my pores have gotten smaller (since I’ve always been abusive to my skin) and I actually ENJOY using the products because they smell AMAZING.

4/20, today only while supplies last, you can get a 4 for $20 Bundle that includes:
– Plain Mary Jane 🌿 Soap-Free Body Wash (Normally $20)
– Lemongrass Frankincense 🍋 Healing Balm (Normally $12)
– 1oz Cleansing Oil 🌼(Normally $20)
– Plain Mary Jane 💋 Vegan Lip Balm (Normally $3.99)

You can also use the code “ACRONYM” at checkout for 10% off your purchase of non-sale items!

Chill Medicated Body Rub

With a combination of 200 mg of THC and 200 mg CBD, this Medicated Butter that has a cooling effect is great for when I’ve got an ache in my neck or my lower back.

*This can only be found at select Dispensaries. Sorry, non-card holders!




CBD Living Freeze

Stronger in the cooling effect, but does not include THC, is the CBD Living Freeze Roll-On. It’s super powerful, almost like an Icy Hot, but I use this when I have a terrible migraine and need to take the edge off. It contains 100mg of CBD.

You can occasionally find this in Dispensaries in Michigan, but if you are looking to order it online, you can head over to CBD: A Path 2 Healing to purchase.








Photo: Virdie

The Nuggy

The “Pocket Knife for Stoners” is still one of my favorites to this day. Having tools to clean, cut, poke, and scoop has been a blessing considering that I would have to have 8 specific tools to actually do what I need to do as a bud smoker.

You can pick one up for yourself in their newer designs at




SLX Grinders

One of the best grinders I’ve ever tried is the SLX Grinder. They are ceramic coated so they are completely non-stick, and the screen that separates the herb and the keef just lifts out for easy access. I bought one for one of my best friends last year, and I was so jealous that when I was working with BDT’s Smoke Shop, I picked up one for myself. If you need an excuse for a new Grinder, grab one of these bad boys, you won’t be disappointed.



If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to leave a comment here or contact me directly at!





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