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We’re very pleased to introduce a Photographer, Journalist, Director and Event Curator Amy Nicole, or known best by her moniker ACRONYM. With 10 years under her belt working on her craft professionally, she has strived to constantly create something new and engaging, bringing her vision and influence along the way. An interesting candidate to spotlight, ACRONYM has her hands in many things, including her profession as a Photographer and Journalist in the music space, and her first directed music video with Electronic Artist Matt Warren for “Get On Up” garnering over 100,000 views and landing promotions on MTV, BET, and VH1. She has also had her photography picked up and displayed on the social media accounts of musicians like Rob Zombie and Quavo of Migos, as well as landing bylines with ‘High Times Magazine.’

On top of all of that, ACRONYM has a passion for up and coming artists, and when throwing events in her home base of Detroit, Michigan, her product ‘Found In The Underground’ showcases art of all mediums, including musicians of the Rock, Rap, Pop and EDM genres. Since 2018, the FITU series has showcased 24 musicians/bands, and she always finds a way to help promote the local and global music scenes through her #MusicDiscovery initiative on

She also is an advocate for speaking out on Mental Health and Sexual Abuse, and is what some would call an “Influencer” within the Social Media space, teaching others about Photography tips, Art Industry Know-How, consulting with artists on their social presence, and champions the ever-growing push for legalization and knowledge surrounding the stigma of the use of Marijuana.

“My biggest hope for life is that I leave behind something that made people feel good, wanted, understood, or – honestly, completely disturbed. Sometimes creating art, whether it be through photos, writing, design, whatever is to create impact. I just want to make CHANGE within people.” 

With her constant drive to expose the world to her views, writing, and information from her boots-on-the-ground approach, she is hoping to expand her reach and connect with more artists and interesting subjects along the way.

ACRONYM is open for interviews and questions for a more in-depth dive at  



Photographed over 65+ artists including Rob Zombie, Billie Eilish, Quavo, Halestorm, Run The Jewels, Bob Seger, The Chainsmokers, Normani, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, 2Chainz, RZA, Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, Greta Van Fleet, Badflower, St. Vincent, A Day To Remember, Rise Against, and more. 

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ACRONYM’s photos have been featured on Artist Instagram accounts including Rob Zombie, Quavo of Migos, James Maslow, Good Charlotte, The Offspring, Our Lady Peace, Bayside, Wilson, and more.

Photo and Written bylines from High Times Magazine and, and over 60 Radio Station Sites under the Beasley Media Group umbrella. Other freelance bylines include Detroitisit, The Detroit Local, The Oakland Press, The Macomb Daily.

Cannabis-based Affiliate for Ooze,, and CannaSmack

Double-Threat winner of ‘Hour Detroit Best Of 2017’ for Best Local Website and Best Portrait Photographer

100K Views on YouTube for her directorial debut for Matt Warren’s “Get On Up” from WakeUp! Music Group

Art & Music Showcase Curator and Creator of ‘Found In The Underground’ which showcases bi-annually in Detroit, Michigan at The Tangent Gallery, which has a reach around 300 attendees per show.

Internationally published pieces of Photography, digital and print, from publications such as ‘High Times Magazine,’,, ‘Skin and Ink Magazine,’ ‘Dark Beauty Magazine’ (Digital and Print), BDT’s Smoke Shop Calendar (Full Calendar),,,,, ‘Sour Magazine,’ ‘Rocket Magazine,’ ‘MyAlternative Magazine,’ ‘XPRESSIONS Magazine,’ ‘Twisted Edge Magazine’ Calendar (February), and ‘Florist’s Review Magazine.’

Invited as an influencer to attend The Cream Agency’s Recover Pool Party by Cardi B’s former Publicist Patientce Foster (@iam_kingpee).

Attended and Photographed Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit 2019, Movement Electronic Music Festival (Multiple Years), MoPop Music Festival (Multiple Years), High Times Cannabis Cup in Detroit and Clio Michigan 2019, ‘Detroit’ Movie Premiere 2018, and RIFF FEST Presented by 101 WRIF 2017.

Photographed multiple Tattoo Lifestyle Clothing Lines for brands including Sullen Clothing, InkAddict Apparel, and Fatal Clothing.

Artist Biography

Amy Nicole, AKA the brainchild of ACRONYM is a Detroit-based, multi-disciplinary creative, but don’t think that she doesn’t know her demographics! Travel has included photo tours through California, Las Vegas, Texas, Chicago, New York, and Boston within the last few years, and is looking to rock both East and West coasts within the next year. Trained in digital arts, her focuses in college were trudging toward a Bachelors of Science in Digital and Print Media with an emphasis in Design and Journalism. Writing and doing both Photography and Design since 2005, ACRONYM has continued to build her arsenal of work, learn new tricks, and upgrade herself both in knowledge and equipment. Being an accomplished and published photographer, she is able to bring imagery to her writing, telling stories, as well as providing photographic services such as portraiture, product photography, social media image assistance, and more. Diving into video creation, she has been able to land promotions on MTV, BET, and VH1 and hit 100K views with her directorial debut. In 2019, she also launched a clothing line which includes hats, shirts, and shoes.

Branching out in multiple fields at once, ACRONYM freelances for companies looking for digital support, content creation, social media strategy, and influencer marketing, while forwarding her Media Platform on, writing pieces on LGBTQ rights and issues, business tricks and ethics for the art world, concert and album reviews, and advocacy for mental health and marijuana-based topics. Landing ‘Hour Detroit’s’ Best Of Award for Best Local Website (as well as Portrait Photographer), ACRONYM strives to continue doing what she loves, creating in the digital space and showing everyone the world through her lens, words, and views.


Fast Facts

ACRONYM has shot multiple camera brands, including Canon, Nikon, and Sony. While currently rocking a Sony, she still has a soft spot for Canon, and uses an adapter to still use some of her favorite Canon lenses.

Her favorite concert set that she’s ever photographed was Rob Zombie. “He was so entertaining and theatrical. He also is very bendy, and most likely has his pants made out of leggings. There’s no way he could move like that otherwise.” 

One of her favorite achievements: “Billie Eilish liked a photo on Instagram that I shot of her and I probably screamed a little louder than an adult woman should.” 

Where the name ACRONYM came from: “I was listening to ‘The Marshall Mathers LP2’ album, and Eminem said ‘It was about bustin’ raps and standing for something, fuckin acronym.’ I was driving my POS car back to a job I hated on my lunch break and I had been looking for something to brand my art with for some time, and I yelled ‘THAT WAS IT! THAT’S FUCKING IT!’ to myself. Considering Eminem is a big part of the Detroit culture, the name worked all too well.”

Her favorite genre of Photography: “It’s a toss up between Concerts, Urban Exploring (abandoned buildings/places), and Alternative Modeling/Boudoir. I love making people feel good, and sometimes I can blend at least 2 of the 3 niches.” 



“Acronym Official is the creative outlet of Detroit-based Renaissance gal, Amy Nicole. These days she carries many titles: writer, influence, media and event producer, but she started out as a photographer. In many ways, it’s this experience, of capturing the city’s changes over the past decade, that has most shaped her career: she understands the nuances and myriad strands that comprise this fast-growing city.” – CV Henriette, Detroitisit

“Amy is a dynamic and inspirational creative that captures the core essence of individuals that she photographs and stories that she covers. One of the most diverse and thought-provoking blogs in the city of Detroit and beyond.” – Jessica Golich, Life Beyond The Music

“As a rapper, my image comes second only to my music. So it is vital that my visuals not only make me look good but also tell a story in a meaningful and impactful way. ACRONYM exceeded my expectations in every way. She was punctual, responsive, informative, and helpful in keeping my fit crispy the whole photoshoot.” – Medici Artisan, Rapper and Producer

“Her work is inspiring, much like the person behind the camera.” –