Ami Nicole aka ACRONYM is a wheelhouse of creativity, stemming from multiple disciplines. Starting as a Photographer at the age of 13, legal name Amy Cooper, began training as a Graphic Designer on products like websites, decals, newspaper and magazine layouts with the help of her High School teachers. Studying Darkroom she was also able to advance her principals in Photography, and by the time she converted to digital, she began pursuing Photography as a career option post-Grad.

Working within Portraiture under the name ACRONYM, she began expanding her portfolio with a heavy emphasis on Tattoo and Alternative Modeling, with published credits stemming from Inked Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Skin and Ink Magazine, Sour Magazine, and more.

Simultaneously, ACRONYM expanded her footprint within Landscapes, specializing in Urban Exploring Photography (the art of Photography within accessible Abandoned Buildings). Once combined, ACRONYM began pioneering the hybrid of Portraiture within Urbex properties, creating a grunge-esque Portraiture style that was unparalleled in her network. In 2017, she won Hour Detroit’s “Best of Detroit” Award for 2 genres: Best Portrait Photographer and Best Local Website.

During the daytime hours, Ami Nicole began working for Beasley Media Group (formerly Greater Media), and used her success with her independent blog formerly branded as ‘Detroit Ginger,’ to get her foot in the door, and was able to become a Music Journalist for over 60 Radio Station websites across the U.S., as well as picking up bylines in High Times Magazine, The Oakland Press, and The Macomb Daily.

Once she felt she’d reached the ceiling in Radio, Ami Nicole split off from her salary job in order to pursue ACRONYM full time. Fulfilling portraits, print sales, writing, and social media growth for brands, she started to dip her toe into Influencer Marketing, as well as directing Music Videos.

ACRONYM’s directorial debut with Matt Warren’s “Get On Up” landed her first music video on MTV, BET, and VH1, garnered over 100K views, and the passion drove her to create more music videos under the label Wake Up! Music Group. She worked with owner Pepper Gomez to create a Body-Positive music video with women of every size, which also landed a debut on MTV for AFTR’s “Humboldt Swagger.”

Since Music and Art have been a big part of ACRONYM’s drive and design, she began curating a larger scale arts and music festival named ‘Found in the Underground,’ which she ran bi-annually for about 3 years. The show boasts large crowds of over 300 attendees, 2 music stages, and over 50 artists, as well as performers, food vendors, and more.

Simultaneously, ACRONYM’s Influencer accolades drove Ami Nicole head first into the Cannabis world, especially during the Coronavirus 2020 Pandemic. Right out of the gate in 2016, she was offered to work with brands such as OozeLife.com, MagicalButter.com, Cannasmack.com, and expanded her reach into affiliate and influencer marketing for multiple brands on short-term and long-term capacities for multiple brands, both in and out of the Cannabis field.

ACRONYM ZINE, Ami Nicole’s journalistic project has covered some of the most pivotal and important boots-on-the-ground information from Culture to Cannabis, Music and Concert Coverage, Mental Health, and as of very recently, #BlackLivesMatter protests and Political Protests in her hometown landscape of Detroit, Michigan. Serving in the lane of Social Justice, ACRONYM finds a line between telling it exactly like it is, informing viewers and readers of information that is a need-to-know that major outlets won’t cover, and a first-hand look for those who appreciate vigilante journalism.

Ami Nicole has covered large-scale events such as Forbes Under 30 Summit, High Times Cannabis Cups in Clio and Detroit, as well as photographing A-List Artists like Snoop Dogg, Billie Eilish, Quavo of the Migos, The Chainsmokers, Normani, and many more.

In July of 2019, Ami Nicole was offered the opportunity to create 30 videos within 30 days for a new social media network called TikTok, and by the COVID-19 Pandemic, she had already expanded her network following by thousands and viewership by millions. The now-popular app is one of ACRONYM’s main outputs of focus, as the algorithm is unmatched in terms of growth. She is working toward verification as a TikTok personality, among her other achievements.