Photo by Yatta RX from Pexels
Photo by Yatta RX from Pexels

7 Goth / Alternative Brands Who Are Pro Inclusivity

During the Black Lives Matter protests, it came to everyone’s attention that brands like DollsKill were more invested in their own pocket than they were about fighting systemic racism, and many brands were outed for having terrible views about Black Culture, some even going as far as to share shirts that say “Goth is White.” We don’t support racism or bigotry, so we wanted to pull together this list, especially since today marks the start of Black History Month.

Here are 10 brands you can feel safe buying that support the culture, are inclusive on sizes and sexuality, and more importantly, don’t support those bullshit views! The only way we can make these companies or conglomerates lose power is to not give them our money. Let’s give them to cooler, supportive, and awesome creators instead!




Hitting many of the lists as a prime replacement for DollsKill is this brand Scarlet & Graves Clothing. Just check out this pin-up witch!


Gothic Lamb



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In particular, Gothic Lamb has a round of pro-Black Lives Matter, and 30% of the proceeds are donated to the cause.




Are you into the Pastel Goth side? Check out Adorned By Chi! Baby pinks, purples, and you can shop by your favorite manga-styled cutie! What more could you want?


Dark Jasmine


Representation matters, and Dark Jasmine’s site shows EVERY SIZE AND SKIN TYPE! Plus their stuff is SO CUTE!




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Spookie Kidz has shown up on so many lists when doing this research, and I can totally see why! Handmade items from a Black-owned company like chokers, harnesses, tees and more!


Love, Vera


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Looking for love in lingerie? Love, Vera has you covered with sizes and inclusivity for all! Check out their website to see all the designs and gorgeous models of all styles!


Glam Goth Beauty


Taking a break from apparel recommendations to show you Glam Goth Beauty, a smaller makeup brand that boasts cruelty-free vegan products! We of course love that! And the cherry on top? They shared that their main mission is to celebrate LGBTQ+ and alt communities!


Are there other brands we may have missed that you think should be here? Leave a comment below!



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