WeTiko’s Hamtramck Mural Pays Homage To “Rouge And Gold”

Geary Morrill & Kyle "WeTiko" (Amy Cooper / ACRONYM)

If you’ve ever been to see a Detroit City Football Club (DCFC) game, you know that the Rouge and Gold is a strong brand, full of vigor and a rabid fan base. 

Kyle “WeTiko” Danley found a way to honor the team and its loyal fans by establishing a mural at the corner of Joseph Campeau and Goodson in Hamtramck. Utilizing the colors of the team, as well as the Spirit of Detroit, WeTiko, along with his assistant artist Geary Morrill have created a multi-building design that has already caused quite an invigorating stir of fans in the ‘Tram.

WeTiko was excited at all the attention that was coming to the mural from the locals and was happy to create this for the fans and to incorporate the Spirit of Detroit in with the DCFC homage.

Mid to end of October, WeTiko will be heading out to the West Coast, so if you’re looking for a mural, you can contact him at or hit him up on Social Media on Instagram.


SEE: See The Full Mural On The Corner Of Joseph Campau & Goodson


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