The Other Life Releases “Moody” That Blends An 80’s Vibe With New Flavor

Swedish Electronic Pop Dance Rock group The Other Life released a new song entitled “Moody” which is described as a fusion between Joy Division and Public Image Ltd. with electronic pop attached.

The track has two remixes as well, done by Operator S Remix and John Gary Remix, making it a triple threat in a release. The remixes have gotten major play in clubs and UK radio and it’s easy to see why.

The band describes it as follows:

“This music began as an effort to cross the overcast, melancholy distortion of early post-punk bands like Joy Division with a modern club-style beat. The song is less about actual moodiness and more about honesty and how often we have to pretend.”


Shared by their by their press team, “The record’s sound was inspired by the post-punk era, combining the immediacy of punk with the glossy, energetic production of modern dance music.”

Listen to all three versions of The Other Life’s “Moody” below:

I’ll be super excited to hear this song in a club on this side of the pond – I could definitely hear this song being played in Deluxx Fluxx in Detroit! Keep up with The Other Life on Facebook and Instagram to keep track of their other upcoming releases.

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