Taco Bout Detroit Is Seasoning The Detroit Market With New Flavor

Photo Provided By Taco Bout Detroit, Model: Patty Savvy

From what started as a doodle, Taco Bout Detroit was created at a very opportune moment, as a Taco Festival was happening in Detroit.

Clothing Line Owner & Designer Salvatore Aiello went against everyone else’s suggestion and printed around 100 shirts right out of the gate, unsure if they would be a hit. After selling out of every size in 2 hours, he realized there was a market for not only Detroit Pride, but Taco Pride.

Tacos, which are friendly to families, tokers, college students, and just about anyone with a sense of taste, are a pop culture commodity. People love making jokes about tacos, going to different restaurants that put their own spin on the dish, or in Detroit’s case, heading into Southwest Detroit to pinpoint the perfect taco truck, or arguing with friends on which restaurant has a better meal.

Photo Provided By Taco Bout Detroit, Model: Patty Savvy

Taco Bout Detroit… That’s what our shirts make people do, all kidding aside… It’s like a t-shirt thing, but I’d like to connect with some of the restaurants around Detroit, Metro Area. We’re talking about planning our own Taco Festival too.”

The design was created by Sal, as well as his sister, Vicki Michelle Aiello, and the designs both illustrate the fun, new wave of the brand, as well as a classic look with it’s Sugar Skull rendition.

It’s fun, and there’s so much that can be done with it. Marketing to people who love tacos, getting involved in Pride Festivals and more, the world is their oyster… Or shall we say the world is their TACO.

To order, please call 313.744.DET4. A website will soon be available, but be sure to like them on Facebook!

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