Metaspion Fuses A Fiddle With Electronic Pulse In “Pyros”

With vocals from Skam R’ Tist, Metaspion goes somewhere where few have been before: Fusing Folk and Electronic Music.

Metaspion caught my eye with “Heist,” which showcases a lot of anime spliced into a full video, so I was super excited to hear the song “Pyros” and to compare the artistry. While currently, “Pyros” only has a lyric video, the song is super unique.

I will let Metaspion, aka Morten Richter, explain how he birthed the track:

“It was a “wow!” moment when I first put an 808 kick over a Hardanger fiddle playing a folk riff. I remember thinking this is something the world has never heard before. It was like something exploded or caught fire. Which later led to the lyrics.”

Now, before someone blurts out Lindsey Stirling, this track is far from her style. The track includes Trap, Folk and Electronic into one, which makes sense considering Metaspion’s 2018 album is called ‘Folktronica Schmolkfonika.’

For fans of Excision, Illenium, Garmarna, or Gramatik, it wouldn’t surprise me if “Pyros” lit up the night relatively soon. Check out the track here:

Be sure to keep tabs on more releases by heading to Metaspion’s Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


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